Custom Floating Shelf Installation

Here at Probuk Studio we love floating shelves.

An example of of a customized floating shelf installation, using a natural wood finish against a dark background that creates a sense of depth.

​The shelves are quite strong and are anchored into the structure of the wall.

​This is particularly important for a floating shelf installation that spans the entire wall in this way, because people tend to fill up spaces. If the shelf spans the whole wall, people expect to be able to fill that shelf.

Floating Shelves as a Desk

And perhaps most importantly, the lowest “shelf” is not actually a shelf in the usual sense, it functions as a desk and workspace for several people (up to 4) so one can expect workers to have computers, books, documentation, and all the other things they need to work throughout the day.

Space Saving Design

In terms of practicality, this is an excellent example of how floating shelves are a functional interior design option. The provide a desk and ample storage space without taking up valuable floor space or cluttering up room with shelving that requires support from the bottom.

​In this configuration, workers are able to move between independently operating on individual tasks to a collaborative, co-working setup with no rearrangement of the space at all! Need to team up on a job? Just move together and get to it!