Mountgomery Apartment

The Mountgomery Apartment is a fifth level apartment with a great view of Yaba, Lagos in Nigeria.

Africlectic: A New Take On Modern House Design

We had an amazing time along with FAA designs, iterating through 21st century ‘Africlectic’ furniture designs.

The suspended seats which extend along the length of the wall in the living room serve as a functional allegory to traditional mud houses, where the walls have built in seating that are part of the larger structure of the room.

Local Materials Make A Contemporary Bedroom

In the bedrooms, instead of conventional carpets, we opted for traditional ‘eni mats’ made from vegetal materials similar to sisal. The carpets, which were made in Kano, provide a unique texture and feel to the room which complements the local African materials used for the furniture, namely the woods “Afara” and “Akala”.

Custom Light Fixture Fabrication

When it came to the custom light fixture fabrication for the space, we created a power efficient LED light system, which uses traditional materials.

The curved, wooden light fixtures are made from a solid timber brace internally with plywood shaped around the brace and veneered with Afara. An LED lighting strip is folded around the groove to create a fixture that has a unique character, that mixes modern function with traditional aesthetics.