Asymmetrical Shelf Designs To Show Your Interior Designer

Here at Probuk Studio, we use digital fabrication, CNC machines, and similar technologies to create custom furniture, and bookcases, and work with everyone from big developers down to individual homeowners working with a designer to build their dream home.

So we’re consistently looking at designs that might be tricky to build for whatever reason*.

Maybe is a single “one off” type of job that’s very specific and not something other studios know how to do, or for a larger development, the challenge might in in manufacturing a design at scale.

In either case, asymmetric design elements are something that comes up fairly often either for aesthetic reasons or practical ones and this list is specifically about shelf and desk designs that we like for their functionality and appearance.

*You can Contact Us here or call the shop directly at (973) 988-1711 if you have questions about a specific job you’re researching.

Let’s get started exploring a few of them, both that we’ve done as well as outside designs we like.

First up is one of ours.

Kako Folding Desk and Shelf

Why not start this list off with one of out own creations?

The Kako system is one of our own designs which is basically a combination between a shelf, a wall mounted desk, and a drawer all in one, and it folds up to save space.

This design can also be installed with floating shelves above it to add extra storage space, so you get most of the benefits of a traditional desk, while still having the option to free up floor space when you need it.

Asymmetrical Inverted Shelf

This is a very clever design to manufacture because it looks asymmetrical, but actually isn’t!

This is the same shelf on both sides, except one side it is inverted and on the other side it is not.

Then, both shelves are attached to each other and tucked into a corner.

It’s a funky looking bookcase that can be adjusted to your design specifications and preferences as needed.

Dissolving Shelves By Soheil Yousefi

This is a design by Soheil Yousefi that made the list simply because of how striking it is visually.

It is also relatively simple to build compared to other shelf designs we’ve featured on the blog.

The other cool thing about this kind of design is it leads into the path of keeping things neat, organized, and orderly. You can simply arrange items from smallest to largest on the shelf surface.

Floating Bookcase Cluster

We’ve written about floating bookshelves before because they are a great way to save space and display books or collectables in a stylish fashion without taking up any floor space.

This asymmetrical bookcase is no exception!

And the funky, off kilter nature of this design is sure to catch attention so we’d recommend this in a public area for commercial constructions or an area of the home where guests are likely to see your collection. It’s a great conversation starter!

Standing Black Bookcase

This bookcase can be made from a variety of woods, stained in black like in this photo, or finished in lighter more earthy finishes to suit your construction’s decor.

Dual Color Version

A similar sort of shelf design, except it is finished in two colors. The outside from is finished in black or dark stain and the interior of the shelf is veneered in walnut.

Squiggle Shelf

A perfect item if your search for shelf ideas calls for something a little quirky to store small accessories. This wall shelf can be mounted almost anywhere because its light and can only store small items.

Iron Farmhouse Shelf

This is a more rustic, metal and wood shelf that would be at home in any modern farmhouse style decor, industrial chic, country leaning design, or similar styles.

It has just enough storage for use in the kitchen where you would want to stock spices, a jar of cookies, candy, or other small items.

Honeycomb Shelf

Thin Metal Frame Shelf

This is the style of shelf we would select for heavier, more industrial oriented decor. The metal frame looks at home next to concrete or brick, whereas in other rooms, it might be too heavy unless we finished it in a flat black or similar color.

Wall Length Bookcases

If you came here looking for more information about installing a full width shelf like this, you’re in the right place!

Our contact page is here.

This sort of project is a big part of what Probuk Studio does and most of our customer orders are for bespoke projects like this.

Natural Wood Finished Bookcase

Wall To Wall Slanted Bookcase

Geometric Bookcase

Not technically asymmetrical, but if you can to this site looking for design ideas, there’s a good chance that this kind of style may appeal to what you or your client is looking for.

Concave Bookcase

A unique, concave bookcase design showing floor to ceiling storage for nearly any item you would want to show off in your living room. Can be built and finished in a variety of colors as well.

Integrated Backlighting

A feature Probuk Studio can integrate into nearly any bookcase design is backlighting. Furthermore, with LED technology, these lights consume little energy and can be programmed to be a variety of colors or change hues with the time of day.

Color Faced Asymmetrical Shelves

Add a fun, light spirit to your decor. This won’t suit everybody’s preferences, but who says everything needs to be neutral or earth tones?

Cubist Inspired Bookcase

This cubist bookcase looks like it kind of tumbled into place.

It’s a unique piece of furniture that balances order and chaos and is ideal for a designing a space where you want to create a space where inspiration takes place like a design studio.

Extruded Wood Shelves With Decorative Panels

Here, we install decorative hardwood panels cut to varying lengths and the floating shelves appear to extrude from them.

Ready to Design and Build?

Hopefully, these designs got the artistic side of your mind excited an in the mood to create something amazing.

We’ll be publishing more design ideas on the blog over the coming weeks, but if you’re ready to start executing and enter the designing or building phase, contact us here or call (973) 988-1711


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